2A, Lorong Perindustrian
Bukit Minyak 1/1,
Taman Perindustrian
Bukit Minyak,
14100 Simpang Ampat,
Penang, Malaysia.
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About Us

Company Background
               REVE MACHINERY SDN BHD, professionally known as “Reve” is among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of food packaging machines and spare part and services based in Malaysia. The company was established with the aim of offering quality products to our clients and our philosophy is “All your Packaging Machines Needs”. We provide consultancy on cost effective solutions towards customers output to boost up their productivity. With years of experience in the packaging machine industry, we have the ability to enhance customer needs accordingly including to create a new customized machines to fit their production. Our main office is located in Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Minyak, Simpang Ampat, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. 
                 With our motto of “All of your Packaging Machines Needs”, it gives all of us a sense of direction and destination especially towards our customers and client to captures their aspiration to believe with our potential to become your manufacturer of packing machinery. It is the basis of our vision for what we all stand for – To become a solution-maker for substitution of machinery from manpower skill to increase productivity. We are concern to ensure all of our products and services are meet the highest standard of quality to prove our credentials to improve our customer’s and client’s productivity. 

            Leveraging in our rich industry experiences with based on the accomplishment of food packaging industry, Reve has emerged as the noteworthy manufacturer and supplier of packaging and processing machinery for food industries from small volume of packing to Vertical Form Fill Sealing Machine (VFFS). Reve Technology undertakes all kinds of packaging machinery from the feeding system equipment to filling system to a well-built packaging machine until end of packaging solutions. We are not merely a packaging machine manufacturer and supplier, we have ability to servicing, repairing, maintenance and consultancy of packing machinery and all type of packing products. 
Vision & Mission
Vision statement
  • Reve will lead the way to future of packaging machinery industry, a solution-maker to all production lines to improve productivity.
  • Reve strive to be customer obvious choice by providing enhanced services, relationship and production profitability to our customers and clients. 
  • Reve – To build long-term relationship and loyalty of our customers by consistently delivering frequent, high performing guidance to cut off their manpower skill.
  • Reve- To grow in steady and responsible pace to a position of strength and prominence in global leader of packaging machine industry. 
  • Through our commitment to quality assurance, Reve aim to exceed customer expectations and be rewarded with a smile.
  • Reve are passionate in enhancing our customers to have a face real-world challenges through innovative technologies of machinery to reach and maximize their output products.
  • Reve believe- To establish the most user-friendly and well-built features with advanced technology and high levels of standard quality machinery.

Mission statement
  • Develop and deliver the most quality features that contribute to “Reve” brand strength, establishes a competitive advantage 
  • To provide our customers with dependable solution to shift from manpower skills based on their capacity to improve productivity of output.
  • Be receptive to customer’s needs and react in professional and timely manner.
  • Aggressively give consultancy on restructure all productions line to increase their output at the current demand.
  • Provide extraordinary customer service including superior quality, technical expertise and industry specialization.
  • Develop mutually beneficial customer partnerships to create the most trusted brands of Reve in packaging machine industry.
  • To empower manufacturer to make investment on packaging machine and get in front in terms of output, income and opportunities to growth.
  • By seamlessly connecting our technician to manufacturer through our servicing, we make all your problems comes to our problems and opening up more possibilities to solve it.
  • To help our customers create such high levels of productivity by setting new standards of excellence in their production lines.

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